Friday, 18 February 2011

CSM to lose print workshops to Byam Shaw

CSM to lose print workshops to Byam Shaw
This is a petition to register our disappointment and disapproval at the CSM administration’s proposal to move our print workshops (screenprinting and etching) facilities to Byam Shaw as a consequence of the move to King’s Cross.
Note – Byam Shaw is part of Central Saint Martins. CSM is part of the University of the Arts, London. The move to a new building at King’s Cross was promoted as a way of consolidating people and resources within one building. This plan has been abandoned without consultation.
 Moving the print workshops to Byam Shaw is a further attempt to promote a digital environment across a greater part of CSM. We are losing facilities that have been integral to the identity of CSM, critical on a daily basis for past generations of graphic design students, and for their development as graphic designers. 
We have paid for, and expected, and have devoted, our educations to facilities at CSM that should stay highly competitive with and at the forefront of art and design institutions.  This is our experience, our education, our careers, and our lives. 
Do not let them take this away from us.
We are suspicious that this move to Byam Shaw will mean less access, more difficulty, a less streamlined experience, and perhaps further cutbacks in our experience.  We would like a convincing explanation of how this will not detract from our experience. We say that this is unfair, a breach of our learning agreement and contract with CSM, and unacceptable.     
Please help these students keep these invaluable facilities, takes second to sign, and it would be such a shame if they lost it. Many thanks. 


Ago.Car said...

Thanks for this, we need all the support we can get!

Mangle Prints said...

You are welcome, good luck with the campaign ! :))

Fashion Lab said...

This is tragic