Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Things i love........The mysterious picture!

This picture has always been in my parents house, and has always caused a bit of an argument between my mum , who hates the piece and my dad, who loves it! My dad brought the picture (in this frame)  at Doncaster flea market in the mid 70's from a man who was having a house clearance, and that's all i know about the piece. I have always wanted to know who it was by,  as there is no signature showing,  and a little more about the piece. I presume it's a print/ reproduction- but if anybody recognises the artist or has more information, that would be fantastic! I personally agree with my Dad- and love the piece, sorry mum!


Magic Cochin said...

It's very similar to the cover of an exhibition catalogue I have ... I'm going to check
'British Art in the 20th Century' (went to it on 25 Jan 1987 - inscribed inside!) ... yes thsi is the chap... Edward Wadsworth

Try this link:


Having a brain full of useless info is very occasionally useful!

Mangle Prints said...

Thank you Celia- you've solved a puzzle that's been bugging me for years. I haven't heard of Edward Wadsworth before, so i would have struggled to have connect the piece. Thank you again for the link, i look forward to finding out more about his work.

Best wishes
Amanda x

Jacqui Dodds said...

Hi Amanda
Did your Dad live in Doncaster as that is where I used to live for a long time?
Glad Celia has solved that for you as I was going to suggest that it is similar, but not exactly like the paintings of Paul Nash.
Jacqui x

Mangle Prints said...

Hi Jaqui,

Before they moved to Norfolk, my parents lived in Epworth for a little while- where i was born. I can't rememeber it i'm affraid, as i was very young when we moved. Having read a little more about Wadsworth, i think he was a contemporary of Nash. I also found out that Wadsworth created stunning woodcuts too- so i'm very excited about finding out more.
I have also found out this piece is called after. The Wings of The Morning.

Amanda x


Loved that picture on our family wall always a talking point!

Mangle Prints said...

Next time you see Mum, you'll be able to tell her who it's by and the name of the piece too xx