Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Featured Artist - Shane Patrick, The Art of the Pattern Cutter.

I’ve always admired and valued craftsmanship, in whatever form that may take. The skills and knowledge  to create something wonderful has always inspired me and the art of the pattern cutter is no exception. Having an understanding of beautiful tailoring, fabric quality, lines and shape, the pattern cutter’s role is essential in bringing ideas and design to reality on the catwalk.

I find it amazing that you come across the most talented people in the most unexpected places. Titchwell is tucked away on the North Norfolk coast and is now home to Shane Patrick, who has been creating patterns in the industry for nearly 20 years. His work has graced the catwalk in many collections, including the recent Topshop Unique A/W range.

Fed up with the constant daily commute to London from Norfolk every day Shane has now set up Vin Stich, an alterations, mending and pattern cutting service, from his home in Titchwell, a far cry from the bustle of London. Shane very kindly took some time to answer a few questions about his work.

Can you describe your work/process and what materials/resources do you use?
I'm a Pattern-Cutter by trade, mostly of Womenswear, but will turn my hand to anything that involves fabric. I specialized in Draping (which is draping of cloth on a mannequin to get a finished garment) but love Tailoring (flat pattern cutting of jackets and coats etc) most recently I have found an interest in re-upholstering which I intend to explore fully.

Where are you based?
I'm based in Titchwell, North Norfolk where I have settled after many years in London and Dublin.

How long have you been creating and how did it all begin?
 I studied Fashion Design in Johannesburg in the early 90's, so I have been 'at it' for around 20 years now

Who or what inspires you?
 It could be anything, I love beautiful fabrics so I would start there. If I'm designing something I always design with a model from the 90's called Yasmeen Ghauri in mind, she is my idea of perfect beauty, so she still plays a big part in my inspiration- even 20 years on! 'youtube' her, the way she moves is  breath-taking

Do you have a work space or studio? How would you describe it?
 At the moment i have a little workspace at home, it's perfect. Cramped and FULL of all the things I love plus an old Singer treadle sewing machine that I love and use daily

Who is your favourite artist/ designer/maker ?
I adore a print artist from South Africa called Hildegaard, an interiors stylist called Emily Chalmers and a very old school designer called Madame Gres (she manipulated cloth like an artist)

Do you have any advice to offer someone thinking about turning their craft/art into a business?
Don't over think anything - just plunge! (deal with the consequences later) if you think about things too much then you will never do anything

What goals do you have for the future?
 I like to have a million goals that I work towards, that way the odds are better at achieving at least one of them.

Vin Stitch is now up and running, for more information please contact Shane at shane@shanepatrick.com or tel:07890349586 for further enquiries. You can follow Vin Stitch on Twitter @Vin_Stich or visit Shane's blog on Norfolk living at Guava Juice,Gem squash and the Norfolk Coast.


a.c.hewitt said...

Gosh the interesting things learnt from blogging....! Thanx 4 this and the best of luck to Shane with Vin Stitch (so right about over thinking and then not doing anything....note to self- get on with those card designs!!!!!:-) )
PS Titchwell with an S makes stitchwell...how appropriate!

Michele said...

Interesting blog post. I have done a little amateur pattern cutting myself to deal with problems found when sewing clothes, it is definately an art form. An off the peg garment will never fit as well, however much you paid for it. Shane is so right about diving in to business, why wait? Life is short!

Mangle Prints said...

Hi Chris, Michele, Absolutely : )There's been so many time i've talked myself out of doing something when i should have just gone for it! Sometimes you just need to have a little confidence and take the plunge ! Amanda x

a.c.hewitt said...

Thanx Amanda...altho thinking at the moment maybe should not have taken the twentieth entury art plunge.....very steep if interesting learning curve and all consuming at the moment (the artspeak/language is like learning french-and I'm the worst linguist!) Just been thinking looking at everybodies creativity/beautiful art work that's what I am supposed to be doing...... Never mind committed now...too much money to waste so will do my best and hopefully in a few weeks time it will make more sense and I can find some creativity time (it's meant to be part-time...but like all p/t it ends up full if you are not careful. I have just booked a days creative escape so I have that to look orward to in November...
Meanwhile I shall keep loving your work and shall keep your success and determination for future inspiration!!:-)(hopefully not too far in the future)