Thursday, 29 March 2012

A sad farewell

Unfortunately, i have come to a very sad decision to close my on-line Folksy shop. It's been a wonderful site to sell on, and more importantly- I've made some wonderful friends and on-line acquaintances via the forums, but it's now time to say goodbye. I'll be de-listing my work at the weekend.  I'd really like to concentrate on some other projects and with ever growing family commitments, I'm also finding it difficult to concentrate on too many things at once.

I'd like to thank Folksy, all the wonderful friends and customers who have made selling on the site a joy.

Amanda x


Bella said...

I don't blame you; there is only so thinly it is possible to spread. However, I have found Folksy not to be all that good as a forum for selling work. I have had more con-men contacting me than bona fide offers. (They stick out a mile with their odd questions).

There is also the tie of having to log on every day to see if there is an enquiry as Folksy like to have a parcel arriving in three days. (Or do I have that wrong)?

I love your latest bunting with the blue and white bees; good luck with your other projects.

A Deegan said...

sounds like you have exciting times ahead... v. sorry to see you leave Folksy though, sounds like a brave decision in light of your great success there, wishing you the best of luck, Alison

Chrissy said...

I hope this doesn't mean you'll be leaving your blog at all. I am so inspired by your beautiful work! I love your posts.
I do understand though when you're selling in multiple places, it gets to be too much. I closed down all my shops and just sell on etsy now. So much easier to keep track of things.
Good luck with your family and other endeavors!! And I hope to see more blog posts keep coming!!

little brick house said...

Will you be selling anywhere else? Will you still be keeping your blog going? You know i am a fan of your work and would hope that you don't disappear completely.
Good luck
All the best

Are you curious about me? said...

You can only stretch yourself so much, don't beat yourself up Amanda, your just alowing yourself to concerntrate on the important things which is so difficult when you have too many balls in the air..

Perhaps you might even find a little time for yourself...

Mangle Prints said...

Thanks everyone. I feel a little bad about closing, but it just got to the point where i had far too many balls in the air (never been the greatest at juggling!)
I have three children, and two of them are taking their GCSE's at the moment, so it's nice to be there for them if i need to, rather than being attatched to a computer screen!
I'll still be blogging (you can't get rid of me that easily ;-O ) and producing new work too : )
Aamnda x