Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Cockerel Linocut Prints

It's been a wonderful couple of weeks and i would really like to thank everyone for all of the lovely messages and e-mails i have received since the article in Country Living. With all the excitement. it's been a little difficult to keep my feet on the ground, but it's been great to have the encouragement to produce some new work.
How can you ignore a cockerel? I'm currently woken up every morning (usually around 4am!!)  by two competing cockerels that live a few doors away from me.  With the ethos of "if you can't beat them, make a print of them!" i hope these prints capture just a little of the splendid arrogance of the birds.  Hopefully the drawing in of the nights, will mean i will get a little more sleep in the Autumn and Winter months! Amanda x


Anne E May said...

I love your prints - the way you layer the colors and your technique. The feathers look amazing!
Congrats on getting an award!

Bella Gingell said...

You are right; there is something arrogant about these birds. I once made the mistake of allowing someone to bring in some to the paddock. What a cacophony!

It is good your early mornings have led to something so productive and beautiful.

Morag Thomson Merriman said...

Wow Amanda! These are brilliant! Thought you were up to something and what a result - the sheer arrogance of these birds stand out so well. These are amazing prints - not only do you have a mastery of line, but also of design, space, colour and pattern. Any chance of reproducing these prints and your other work as postcards/greeting cards? Can't wait to see what you do next!

Michele said...

Just catching up with your blog, Congratulations on your recent successes! I am taking some time away from printmaking to concentrate on my illustration and fine art work, so it is lovely to look at your beautiful cockerel prints :-) Well done, Michele x

Mangle Prints said...

Thanks everyone- Bella,i know exactly what you mean! Having two trying to out-do each other at 4am every morning has been a nightmare! Still, i suppose we don't need the alarm clock any more ; )
Thank you Morag- i would love to have some designs printed onto greetings cards- in fact, this is my next project....watch this space! : )
Lovely to hear from you Michele, i'm sure you'll enjoy having more time to work on your beautiful illustrastions and fine artwork-certainly less messy! Thank you for dropping by x

Anna said...

Hi Amanda, you certainly can't ignore this wonderful cockerel, he is very proud and 'cocky' looking! Well done.