Sunday, 25 November 2012

Christmas Shows

Christmas is definitely on the way, and this year you'll be able to find my prints and other goodies in several Christmas shows and exhibitions:

One of my favorite galleries, filled to the brim with beautiful  contemporary paintings, prints, ceramics and textiles. The small prints exhibition opens Saturday 1st Dec- Saturday 22nd Dec.

A fantastic little pop up shop attached to the vibrant Bar Lane studios in Micklegate, York, selling a eclectic mix of prints, cards and jewelery. Bar Lane studio also has a great  cafe serving a mean cup of coffee!  Draw the line is now open until the 23rd Dec. To find out more, click here for details:

Every year, Greyfriars Art Space holds a special Christmas selling show with artwork and gifts from local artists and members.  I know Christmas is on it's way when i start to get work ready for the show, and recently i've been busy printing, framing and packing cards.  Why not join me this Sat for the opening, with mince pies and mulled wine?
Bizarre Bizaare opens on Sat 1st Dec- 15 Dec.


Michele said...

What lovely looking galleries and shops, your work looks great. I am very jealous of York, I love it there and haven't visited for years, it is one of my daughters uni choices and I am secretly hoping I get an excuse to go there more often!

Mangle Prints said...

Thank you Michele. York really is a beautiful city, we have friends that live there and i always have such a lovely time when we visit. I wish you daughter every success with her exams and looking for uni's x