Monday, 10 September 2012

The Stag

I've been busy recently trying to create some new pieces to contribute to an exhibtion being held at the Church Street Gallery in Saffron Walden in October (more details later....). Along with the cockerels, i'm hoping to enter this little print, a two plate lino print. More news of the exhibtion soon.


Line Katrin Moe said...

Wow! This one is great. I like the 3D feeling when using two plate lino. I like the colors too. And I am so amazed by your talent to make figurs and details. Your art make me truly happy. I whish I could see your exhibiton:)

sue said...

It has a really Victoria feel to it - great aesthetic! I am always amazed y your deft mark making to create tone.

CB said...

Hi Amanda that's another beautiful print- it would look fabulous as fabric! Love what you do!!

Flotsam said...

I agree with Sue, this does have a retro feel to it. I hope you enjoy working toward the exhibition. It can be fun but also very hard! :O

Mangle Prints said...

Thanks everyone : ) Sea Bee, i am still looking into how i can get the designs onto fabric, it would be lovely to get them on textiles.
best wishes

Joanne said...

Lovely work.