Friday, 28 June 2013

Hidden Gems

Life has thrown quite a few challenges at me recently, which has meant i have had to postpone working and printing for a while until things settle down . One of those challenges has been helping my mum to move house to downsize to a smaller flat. After living in her home for thirty years, you can imagine that it's been quite a job sorting through the things she has collected over the years. One of the treasures we came across was a folder of my late granddad's sketches and paintings (Charles Stevens). My granddad was never a professional artist, but always loved to paint and draw throughout his life, the subjects are mainly of the places he lived and visited. Finding sketches and paintings dating back to the 1930's i thought it may be quite nice to share some his work with you.

Looking through the folder, it was clear that he had a massive love of the sea, rivers, skies and boats! But my favorite is the little painting of his belongings painted during his time in the RAF in the war. 
Finding his work really has inspired me to work again, and hopefully it won't be long until i have the time  to start printing again! Amanda x



Twigger said...

How lovely! such nice work too! Thanks for posting

Sarah Morrish said...

A lovely post Amanda.

It was great to see your Grandad's RAF mug in one of his paintings.

My Grandad died in 2007 aged 99, and I have his RAF mug on a shelf in my studio, holding my special paintbrushes. A very precious treasure.

Looking forward to seeing your work.


Lynne said...

Well the talent obviously is being handed down...from him, through you...and on to your talented daughter! How lovely to have these in your possession.

Hope you are getting the 'mum' act together and will soon be sorted. We are about to have my 91 year old mother's new kitchen installed. Deep, deep joy! Lx

Jill Butler said...

Wonderful drawings and paintings. What a talented family you are!

Anna said...

How lovely to find this lovely hoard of work, thankyou for sharing!

acornmoon said...

I hope all goes well with moving your mum. A couple of years ago we had to move my mum which meant saying goodbye to the house I grew up in. Even more upsetting was leaving my dad's beloved garden so I know how hard it is. Your grandfather was very talented and could have been a professional I am sure, how proud he would be of your achievements.

Anonymous said...

Many folks have to now downsize due to the old tory brigade.

I highly recommend that if you cannot afford a house, at least buy a caravan.

Don't vote tory next time!

Julie Howe said...

Hi Amanda, I have great empathy with you and your Mum, I am in the throws of moving this very week and it is stressful, so much 'stuff' to go through, much of which just collects dust...

You must have been so thrilled to come across such treasure as your grandpa's work. It is wonderful, I especially love the puddles of water in front of the boats, such a delicate touch. You must be so thrilled to have found them.

I hope that your mum settles in to her new home soon..

Many thanks for sharing your granddads work with us..

Mangle Prints said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and messages, although some may be more irrelevant than others! ;)

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all, but it's been such a busy time.
Julie, i hope the move goes well and you enjoy your new home x

Georgie B said...

What a special lot of memories and treasures