Tuesday, 23 July 2013

 Back to printing again this week, after quite a long break away from any thoughts of printing or creating at all. Easing gently back into working again, it was wonderful to be able to create these two little lino prints for the Norwich Print fair in September. The only problem is a title for the prints......any ideas will be warmly welcome! Hope you are all enjoying the summer and the beautiful weather. Amanda x


Lynne said...

Lovely, Amanda. Racking my brain for a title. All I can come up with is Birds of a Feather as they make me think of feathers with those lovely tail feathers.

I'm sitting here with the fan on full blasting away at me ...25 to midnight. It's almost tropical.

Good to see you printing again. I am still up to my eyes with mum's domestic arrangements! Lx

Mangle Prints said...

Thanks Lynne, love the name! Hope it gets a little cooler this evening as it's been so sticky at night. Hope your mum get sorted soon x

Will Baker said...
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Will Baker said...

Love your work Amanda, just so unique and mystical. I love the fact that you use a mangle too, think that's a good way of making the best with what you've got. I'm fifteen (and a blogger) and have started to sell some of my linocuts and wood engravings locally, hoping to have a little bit of a stock as time goes by. Anyway, it's printmakers such as yourself that inspire me.
Have a nice summer
Will Baker Illustrator