Wednesday 10 June 2015

The Walk

Another little print using the new soft cut Lino. This time allowing a more sketchy feel to the lines. hand tinted again for a splash of colour to the pheasant and field.


Morag Thomson Merriman said...

So lovely to see you producing new work again, and this soft cut lino seems to be working for you - love the fluidity of the lines in this image! I saw the soft cut lino in my local art shop last week and wondered about it, but ended up getting the usual grey lino, but after having seen the great results here, I'll be getting the soft cut lino next time! :)

Mangle Prints said...

thank you Morag, it does cut a little differently than traditional Lino, but it's worth getting a small piece to give it a try. thank you for your lovely comments x

Screenshot said...

Loove this